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The Precision Tactical method.

The most important question you can ask yourself when thinking about a new weapon, or custom weapon system... 

"Do you trust the person about to built your weapon system?  Is that person just going to assemble it, or will they machine fit it into one working system?"

...Do you really trust that person enough to stand behind his or her work when the chips are down?

...Above all else, when performance and reliability counts please seek out an experienced and certified gunsmith.  No matter who you choose, Precision Tactical believes that nothing less than ‘reliability on demand’ is acceptable for our law enforcement officers, military units, and responsible citizens.

There are a lot of options, but not all options are equal.  Here are Precision Tactical we are certified armorers, as well as a certified weapon manufacturer.  We are completely compliant, and highly experience when delivering custom fit AR-15 and AR-10 weapon platforms.  Each weapon is built at one at a time based on customer input for its intended use. We listen Carefully, make recommendations on the barrels, twist rates, and accessories to deliver a truly unique rifle that will outperform any massed produced product on the market today with guaranteed results.

Our facility is based upon the firsthand experience with a variety of components for each build.  We have all parts in stock so our customers can see each one we recommend and why we feel the features of each product provides the benefits to meet the goal of each custom build.  

We are located on the Central Coast of California, in Atascadero, between Paso Robles, and San Luis Obispo. We build rifles and pistols in a variety of calibers to suit your shooting needs. If you are interested in building your own rifle, please come in and see all the parts, tools, and accessories available. Allow us to assist based on our experience to insure you have a build that will meet your expectations so your finished product will be dependable, safe as well as California DOJ compliant.  We carry all items to insure compliance with the Ca. penal code as it applies to this weapon system.  We are a firearms manufacturer, so bring in your ideas and see them come to life!


-Precision Tactical